Did you know that building a strong champions program is a critical component of the BrainStorm BluePrint(TM)? BrainStorm BluePrint is our time-tested approach to creating scalable and sustainable change. Champions augment your project team’s capabilities by extending the reach of your messaging, facilitating informal trainings, evangelizing changes to peers, and much more.

As part of your QuickHelp subscription, we provide a Champions Toolkit, which includes a playbook, a guide, badges, and different multimedia templates.

To download the Champions Toolkit, please follow these instructions in the QuickHelp Admin Portal. Access to the Champions Toolkit requires the Communication Administrator role.

  1. Click Resources
  2. Click the Search icon in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Type in Champions Toolkit
  4. Check the box to the left of Champions Toolkit in the Resources list

  5. Click Download from the Action Bar – this will download Champions Toolkit.zip

Please reach out to your BrainStorm Client Success Manager to collaborate on building a strong Champions Program and navigating the BrainStorm BluePrint.