The latest and the greatest version of the BrainStorm Microsoft Team App is now available. (Version 1.1.0)

Below find out the following:

Note: Your organization must have "Messaging Policy" enabled (Chat) to use version 1.1.0 of the BrainStorm Teams App.

What does our newest update contain?

  • 2 Way Communication - Allows users to focus on types of content. Assigned tasks, Popular content, Upcoming Events and more.



  1. Search - Search for content from the app, sharing specific content with team members in chat.


Click on the ellipses while in your chat and select BrainStorm



Now search for what you are looking for:


When you select an option, it shows up in your chat


  1. The web version of the client and desktop client are more aligned (e.g.: the web version of the Teams App no longer will allow playing videos similar to the Desktop version of the Teams App).


How do you update your app? (End Users)

NoteIf end users use the Teams Mobile device, it will update automatically.

Note: A user will be able to select the UPGRADE to the newest version, however, for all updates, the Admin will need to grant permissions in the Teams Admin Center

1. When you see the Upgrade button at the top of your BrainStorm Teams App, click the button


Note: If you do not see the button, you will need to log out and back in again to Teams


2. Select Upgrade on the App page


3. Verify the Activity tab has changed to Chat


4. Verify the About tab now reflects the newest version (1.1.0)



How do you update your app? (Globally for all Users)


If you have previously published the BrainStorm Teams app to your users, you will need to do the following:

1. Grant Permissions (See steps 5-8 in the following document: Adding the BrainStorm Teams App (Globally)

2. Run a “Script” within your Azure portal. (See: Script to push the BrainStorm Microsoft Teams App)

NOTE: If you have previously set up the "Script" there is not need to re-set it up, you will only need to "Run" it.