The BrainStorm App may be installed globally to your entire organization via the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. 

Note: This can only be completed by an O365 Global Admin or a Teams Service Admin

1. Go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Teams app > Manage apps

Note: The Manage Apps page is not available in the Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) deployments of Teams.

2. Search for BrainStorm


3. Click on the app name

4. Click Status to be “Allowed”

5. Click Permission policies

6. Under Microsoft apps set to Allow all apps or Allow specific apps and block all others

  • If set to “Allow specific app”, select BrainStorm as an allowed app

7. Click Save

8. Click on Setup policies

9. Click on Global (Org-wide default)

Note: Your organization may have changed the name or set up a different policy for Org-wide app policies

10. Under Pinned Apps click Add Apps

11. Find BrainStorm

12. Click Add

13. Click Save

Note: Once completed it may take 2-6 hours to display the BrainStorm app within Teams for your users