The BrainStorm App may be installed globally to your entire organization via the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. 

Note: This can only be completed by an O365 Global Admin or a Teams Service Admin (The Office Graph configuration with QuickHelp is not mandatory to be able to integrate the Teams APP) 

Section I Giving Permission and Pushing App Globally to all users

1. Go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Teams app > Manage apps

2. Search for BrainStorm


3. Click on the app name

4. Click Status to be “Allowed”

5. Click Review permissions and consent

6. Click Accept

7. Click Go to Azure Active Directory

8. Click Grant admin consent for xxxxxx (your organization's name)

9. Go back to Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Teams app


10. Click Permission policies

11. Under Microsoft apps set to Allow all apps or Allow specific apps and block all others

  • If set to “Allow specific app”, select BrainStorm as an allowed app

12. Click Save

13. Click on Setup policies

14. Click on Global (Org-wide default)

Note: Your organization may have changed the name or set up a different policy for Org-wide app policies

15. Under Installed apps, click Add App

16. Search for BrainStorm

17. Click Add

18. Click Save

IMPORTANT Once you have added the app globally you will need to run a script to push it to all users. 

For a how to and the zip files click HERE

Section II Pinning the App globally to all users

Next you can Pin the BrainStorm app to all users. (This is optional)

Note: If the BrainStorm app is not pinned, users will receive a notification stating there is a new app made available to them


1. Under Pinned Apps click Add Apps

2. Find BrainStorm

3. Click Add

4. Click Save

Note: Once completed it may take 2-24 hours to display the BrainStorm app within Teams for your users

Once added, users will receive a notification welcoming them to the BrainStorm QuickHelp app

Note:  This message is not configurable and is not able to be turned off.