Getting a handle on digital security is a hot topic these days, and organizations are doing all they can to keep information protected.

One thing organizations are doing to be more secure is tagging inbound emails from an external domain - e.g. like adding "[EXTERNAL]" to the subject line, which tells end users to be extra cautious with that particular email.

QuickHelp sends automated emails to end users in the following situations: account creation, password reset, assignments, event registration, group activity, etc. These emails help increase QuickHelp awareness and improve QuickHelp usage, which in turn can increase your end-user productivity. In short, these emails are a good thing. However, because these emails are sent from an external domain, end users might not do anything with them. To indicate to end users that QuickHelp emails are "safe" and actionable, one customer created a rule to differentiate tagged emails from trusted senders (e.g. QuickHelp) as "[EXTERNAL PARTNERS]". Best of both worlds. Digital security is ensured by tagging all external emails, but end users are notified that emails from are OK to use.

If you or your organization aren't receiving any QuickHelp emails, please refer to this Support Document.