Please note that BrainStorm no longer supports new installations of the Ribbon Add-In.


You've successfully installed the QuickHelp Ribbon add-in. However, your Office application launches with an error, or it launches without an error, but the BrainStorm QuickHelp add-in is disabled.


There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. Microsoft will automatically disable any add-in that takes longer than one second to load. There are a large number of environmental variables that could contribute to the load time exceeding one second, including (but not limited to) anti-virus software or other add-ins. In this case, please try and determine which variable in your environment is conflicting with QuickHelp.
  2. You are installing Office and the add-in at the same process. If Office prompts the user to register the software before QuickHelp has finished installing, the add-in will be disabled. The user can manually enable it, or the installation process will need to change to install the add-in after Office has been installed.
  3. Having a disabled add-in (with or without an error) can indicate that either the .NET Framework version on that specific machine doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the add-in, or that VSTO isn’t installed (or isn’t being recognized by the add-in).
    1. The minimum .NET Framework version required is 4.5. VSTO Runtime can be verified by checking the registry. If it is showing as installed in the registry, it may not be recognized by the add-in. Please try re-installing it by clicking here.
    2. For other minimum requirements, please see the document found here.