Your organization uses Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication, but it has stopped authenticating or isn't authenticating for specific users.


There are a few reasons that SSO authentication to QuickHelp can stop working. The top three reasons being:

  1. Your organizational QuickHelp subscription has expired. If this is the case, your organization's Point of Contact will need to reach out to your BrainStorm-assigned Client Success Manager to discuss renewal.
  2. Your email domain has not been associated with your organization’s QuickHelp account. Your Point of Contact can contact your BrainStorm-assigned Client Success Manager to get this added.
  3. Your Identity Provider configuration has changed (most common occurrence is a renewed or expired certificate).  If this is the case, the certificates need to be updated and/or the metadata needs to be re-uploaded into the QuickHelp account. Please create a support ticket and we will assist as quickly as possible.