On January 20th, 2018, QuickHelp's SAML AuthN Request signing certificate expired and was replaced with a new certificate. Please use the instructions below to make the necessary changes on your Identity Provider (IdP) and in the QuickHelp Admin Portal.

NOTE: If your IdP doesn't require or check a Service Provider's signing certificate, then you will not need to make any changes.

This will not impact every QuickHelp customer using Single Sign-On. If you could be affected, your BrainStorm Client Success Manager will contact you. If you have any questions, or if you are no longer able to log in to the QuickHelp Admin Portal, please contact your Client Success Manager, or enter a support ticket here.

This is a two step process.

First, please update your IdP with the metadata found here.

You should log in to the Admin Portal before importing QuickHelp's new metadata to your IdP. If you change your metadata first, users will be unable to log in to QuickHelp. In addition, if you change the Signing Certificate in QuickHelp before updating your metadata, users will be unable to log in to QuickHelp.

Second, In the QuickHelp Admin Portal:

  1. Go to Settings > Authentication Settings
  2. Click on the Display Name of your Identity Provider
  3. At the bottom of the Configure page, choose .quickhelp.com DEC 2018 from the Signing Certificate pulldown menu
  4. Save Changes