You've created and published Skill Paths for your end users to view in QuickHelp. However, not all of the content is showing in QuickHelp - either the Skill Path itself, or specific content within the Skill Path. There are a couple of things that can be causing this.

  1. Individual assets in QuickHelp can be designated as Windows-specific, Mac-specific, or both. For content that is OS specific, users on the opposing OS will not see that content. For example, a Mac user will not see any Windows-specific content. As previously mentioned, this may be specific assets, or an entire course if the course contains 100% Windows content. This is also determined by how a user answered the Intake Survey.* If the user designates Mac as his/her Primary Computer OS, even if QuickHelp is accessed on a Windows computer, Windows-only content won't show. This is expected behavior.
  2. An organizational QuickHelp Admin had made changes to a previously published Skill Path, but those changes aren't showing in QuickHelp. For now, any time an admin makes changes to a Skill Path, click Rebuild All (found in the Action Bar of the Admin Portal). This will ensure that all users will have access to the changes, whether or not they have previously logged in to QuickHelp. This is a temporary solution, and functionality will be updated in the near future.

*A user can change their selected Primary Computer OS in their QuickHelp settings > Devices Preferences.