The legacy QuickHelp URL, http://quickhelp.brainstorminc.com, was disabled January 27, 2017. This can cause a disruption in QuickHelp service in specific circumstances.



Organizations that may possibly be affected:

  • Your QuickHelp subsciption started prior to January 2015, Single Sign-On (SSO) is your user authentication method, and your SSO is not configured in the QuickHelp Admin Portal.
  • Your organization utilizes the QuickHelp Windows 8 app.* 
  • The Ribbon Add-in is version 4.0 or earlier and looks like this: 


  • Your SharePoint QuickHelp app looks like this: 




The URL was disabled on January 27, 2017. If you are using any of these legacy services, they will need to be updated in order to avoid a long-term disruption in your QuickHelp access. Links to configuration instructions can be found below. Please note that once you have completed the SSO configurations in both your Identity Provider and in the QuickHelp Admin Portal, you will need to create a support ticket so QuickHelp Support can make the switch on the QuickHelp side.


SSO Configuration Guide

SharePoint Add-in Configuration Guide 

Ribbon Add-in Configuration Guide

*QuickHelp will not be available in "app" form. Please use the other deployment methods as an alternative for QuickHelp access.