Update - as of September 30, 2017, support for the SharePoint add-in ended.

If you are using BrainStorm's QuickHelp Web Part (our .wsp SharePoint solution), you may have received a "Plan for Change" message from Microsoft that looks something like this:

Effective immediately, our Web Part can no longer be added to SharePoint. However, if it is already installed in your SharePoint environments, you can continue to use it until August 31, 2016. We have a new offering available. The .app file is available in the QuickHelp Admin Portal > Settings > Downloads section. Requirements and configuration instructions are now available in the Support Center. 

IMPORTANT: If you are using the SharePoint .wsp for Single Sign-On, you will need to have some other authentication option in place prior to August 31st. Single Sign-On is BrainStorm's best practice for user authentication.