The current QuickHelp platform no longer uses "/#/" as part of any QuickHelp URL. If you are still experiencing problems with links from Word|Excel|PowerPoint, please use solution #1 found below.

Your organization has created a Word document full of useful QuickHelp links - Shared Links, deep links to specific content, the works. Unfortunately, instead of QuickHelp, some users see this page after clicking one of these links:

What happened? Where's QuickHelp? Not to worry, the error really isn't as dramatic as it appears. Please look at the URL. A normal link from QuickHelp looks like this:<custom>/#/....

However, the link in the error will look like this:<custom>/%20-%20/....

There is a known Microsoft issue with Word|Excel|PowerPoint and certain, undetermined, browser settings in Internet Explorer that changes the # to %20-%20. There are two alternate workflows that can be used if this situation arises.

  1. The simplest resolution is to export the Office document as a PDF and distribute that file.
  2. If using a PDF is not a option, another alternative that we found by searching Microsoft forums is to change the # to %23 in the Office document itself -<custom>/%23/.... While this looks incorrect on the page, when you hover over the hyperlink, the %23 displays as a # and, according to the particular forums viewed, the hyperlinks work as expected.