There are a few reasons that a user can fail to authenticate into QuickHelp with Single Sign-On (SSO). The top three reasons being:

  1. The certificates on your SSO Identity Provider have expired or have been updated. If this is the case, the certificates need to be updated and/or the metadata needs to be re-uploaded into the QuickHelp account.   The attached document will walk you through the steps of updating the metadata, OR a ticket requesting assistance can be created by clicking here.
  2. Your organizational QuickHelp subscription has expired. If this is the case your Point of Contact will need to reach out to your BrainStorm-assigned Account Manager to discuss renewal.
  3. Your email domain has not been associated with your organization’s QuickHelp account. Your Point of Contact can contact your BrainStorm-assigned Client Success Manager to get this added, or a ticket request can be added.